Integrated Maritime Surveillance System (IMSS)

Integrated Maritime Surveillance System (IMSS) comprised Radar, R-ESM and Communication systems to generate a Tactical Picture in the Data Fusion Center. YALTES participated in the IMSS project as subcontractor of Thales Nederland.

Project finalized successfuly.



GENESIS Integrated Combat Management System had been initiated to enhance warfare capabilities of Turkish Navy's G Class Frigates. In this eight-ship modernization project, YALTES, as subcontractor, provided war management system hardwares and also took part in Combat Management System software development activities.

Project finalized successfuly.


New Type Patrol Boat Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) and Electro-optic and Sonar Console

YALTES delivered an Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for the Turkish New Type Patrol Boat Program (16 Boats). Besides advanced automation of the platform systems the IPMS also provided integration of Power Management System and Propulsion Control System (independent from the propulsion system suppliers).

Under the contract separately signed with HAVELSAN at November 2008, an Electro-optical Console, a Sonar Console and an Inter-Console Unit provided to each of the 16 New Type Patrol Boats. The consoles enable operator interaction with the corresponding sensor/weapon systems as a part of the combat management system and the Inter-console unit furnishes the capability to mount auxiliary human-interface units within the navigation/communication/combat systems of the ship. Additionally, a Display Unit provided to each boat that enables exhibition of the tactical pictures extracted by Electro-optical, Radar and Sonar system on the Bridge Console.

Both projects finalized successfuly.


ESSM Modernizasyonu

Under the contract signed with VSE Corporation, YALTES produced the VLS SIUC (Vertical Launching System Subsystem Interface Unit Cabinet) and engineered support and the related services to be provided for the ESSM (Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile) Upgrade Program on both the Perry and Track 2A/B class frigates of the Turkish Navy.

Project finalized successfuly.