Quality Management System

As YALTES, with the awareness of the defence industry sectors expectations of quality, and with our principle of customer satisfaction, we are offering a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. This system ensures that the developed products and applied development processes during the project life cycle comply with specified requirements and plans.

YALTES Quality Policy

YALTES commits to document quality, environment, occupational health and safety management systems according to following key factors by providing the necessary resources;

Growth: YALTES aims to become a first solution partner within the scope of Integrated Platform Management System, Combat Management System Solutions and Integrated Logistic Support Services. In the export market, YALTES aims to gain new expertise areas by creating new Mission System solutions for Naval Platforms.

Competitiveness: YALTES will be more innovative to increase competitiveness by searching new cost reduction methods of engineering, research and development areas.

Human and Environmental Focus: For human capacity of qualified and aware of their responsibilities, YALTES supports wealth of different ideas, teamwork and success by providing a customer-focused work environment.

YALTES ensures health and safety on common areas of employees and visitors. YALTES takes measures to minimize the impact to environment by preventing environmental pollution, in accordance with relevant regulations of environment, occupational health and safety. YALTES aims to prevent occupational accidents and professional diseases. YALTES, shares and provides training for the policy and objectives of environment, occupational health and safety management systems with employees and the other relevant parties.

Mehmet R. KİTİŞ

General Manager