YALTES has been established in November 2002 as a Joint Venture between Turkish Yalcin Group and Thales Nederland B.V. The shares of the Yalcin Group have been taken over by Thales International Western countries B.V. in September 2011. Current shareholding structure of YALTES is:

  • Thales International Western Countries B.V. 60%
  • Thales Nederland B.V. 40%

YALTES's product and solutions portfolio for defense applications is specially tailored to satisfy each customer needs combining the benefits of the whole company's expertise & skills and strategic partnerships all over the world in the following areas;

  • * Naval Combat Management Systems,
  • * Network Enabled Capability,
  • * Integrated Platform Management Systems,
  • * Integrated Navigation & Bridge Systems,
  • * Tactical Data Link Systems,
  • * Fire Control Systems Integration,
  • * Integrated Maritime / Coastal Surveillance Systems,
  • * Harbor/Base Protection Systems,
  • * Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS/WECDIS),