23 December 2015
Amphibious Assault Ship Command and Control Information System / Battle Management System contract



10 December 2015
Purchase order for production of Medium Altitude Air Defense System project HISAR-O



6-8 November 2015
High Tech Port Katar Fair organized by MUSIAD, with participation of YALTES, was successfully completed.



December 2015
In YALTES Experience Ship Environment with Real Hardware and Software

a. Integrated Bridge System

b. Combat Management System

c. Integrated Platform Management System




22 January 2014
At the first gathering meeting, with the participation of Technopark İstanbul Inc. Chairman and Defense Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar, and Vice Chairman and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Caglar our General Manager, Mr. Mehmet Kitiş performed a welcome speech to visitors.




20 December 2013
YALTES is moving to Teknopark Istanbul.




4-7 November 2013
YALTES participated in Defense & Security at Bangkok, Thailand.
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7-10 May 2013
YALTES participated in IDEF 2013, Tuyap Istanbul, Turkey.
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17-21 February 2013
YALTES participated in IDEX 2013, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, BAE.
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22-23 November 2012
Thales Turkey Convention has been held in Istanbul Hilton Hotel on 22-23 November. YALTES participated in the convention together with all Thales units in Turkey. Participants were informed about the Thales's future plans in Turkey.




6-10 December 2011
YALTES participated in LIMA 2011 at Langkawi, Malaysia.



12 September 2011
The shares of the Yalcin Group have been taken over by Thales International Western countries B.V. in September 2011. New shareholding structure of YALTES is:
- Thales International Western Countries B.V. 60%
- Thales Nederland B.V. 40%



7 October 2011
THALES Chairman and CEO Mr. Luc VIGNERON paid a visit to YALTES after the %60 shares of Yalcin Group was taken over by Thales International Western countries B.V. During the visit which took place on October 7, 2011; Mr. VIGNERON was informed about the ongoing projects while meeting with the staff. Mr. VIGNERON stated that they were quite content with YALTES' steadiness in the sector and they belive that this will gradually develop. Mr. VIGNERON also added that they were very pleased to see YALTES in one of the world's leading companies like THALES and advantages of this will be mutually experienced in the following years.




10-13 May 2011
IDEF '11: YALTES participated in 10th International Defence Industry Fair.
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21 October 2010
YALTES has been awarded the contract by HAVELSAN for the second Turkish MILGEM Corvette Buyukada. The contract includes delivery of Combat Management System Hardware, Software and related services.



11-12 October 2010
YALTES participated in the 3rd Naval Systems Seminar at ODTU Culture and Congress Center as sponsor on 11- 12 October 2009. YALTES made two presentations regarding "Coastal Surveillance Systems" and "Integrated Decision Support System".




3 August 2010
Malaysian Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff Bin Hj. Ahmad and his delegation, together with Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries Mr. Murad Bayar and officials from SSM and STM visited YALTES.
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14 May 2010
Deputy Undersecretary Mr. Ömer İnak and his delegation visited YALTES on May 14, 2010. Deputy Undersecretary and his delegation were informed about the YALTES's participation in current naval projects. Also the products and current activities of YALTES were presented.




29-31 March 2010
YALTES participated in DIMDEX.
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28 January 2010
Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and his delegation visited YALTES. The Consul General Mr. Onno Kervers, Deputy Consul General Mr. Paul Korff de Gidts and the Netherlands Defense Attaché Gendarmerie Colonel Peter Klijn visited the facility of YALTES in Kurtkoy, on January 28, 2010. Consul General and his delegation were informed about the current projects and products of YALTES during their visit.
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25 January 2010
YALTES has been awarded the contract by ASELSAN for the Combat Management System Integration of new 3D Surveillance Radar on board the Turkish Track 2A and 2B class frigates.




23 December 2009
YALTES has been awarded the contract by STM for the delivery of the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for the second Turkish MILGEM Corvette Buyukada.



20 October 2009
YALTES has signed a contract with Thales Underwater Systems (TUS) on 20 October 2009 to produce wired cabinets. The cabinets will be used in various TUS projects and the production will start in the beginning of 2010.



9 December 2009
YALTES held an Industry Day named "Integrated Platform Management and Bridge Systems on Naval Platforms" on 9 December 2009 at its premises in Istanbul - Pendik.
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12 October 2009
YALTES participated in the 2nd Naval Systems Seminar at ODTU Culture and Congress Center as sponsor on 12 October 2009. YALTES made two presentations regarding "Integrated Platform Automation Solutions" and "New Generation Prototype C&C system Solution".
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September 2009
Our website has been renewed.



July 2009
TACON and SIUC, new products of YALTES, have successfully completed the Environmental Condition Test.
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27-30 April 2009
IDEF'09: YALTES participated in 9th International Defence Industry Fair at hole 8.
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October 2008
YALTES joined 1st Naval Systems Seminar as a sponsor.
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May 2008
SSM delegation visited YALTES.
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April 2008
YALTES participated in DSA 2008.



April 2008
In the context of the new type patrol boats project, Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) conract was signed with DEARSAN.



September 2007
YALTES participated in DSEI LONDON.



22-25 May 2007
YALTES participated in IDEF 07.



27 February 2007
YALTES has been awarded the contract by STM for the delivery of an extensive Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for the First of Class of the Turkish MILGEM Corvette Heybeliada.



27-30 September 2005
YALTES participated in IDEF-2005 together with Thales.



March 2005
YALTES started producing Weapon/Sensor Interface Cabinet for Thales Netherland.



November 2004
The GENESIS project that YALTES played a role as one of the most important sub-contractors, has been signed.