YALTES Industry Day 9 December 2009


Integrated Platform Management and Bridge Systems on Naval Platforms


YALTES held an Industry Day on 9 December 2009 at its premises in Istanbul - Pendik. The activity, included presentations on "Integrated Platform Management System and Integrated Bridge & Dynamic Positioning System Solutions on Naval Platforms" and "Naval Integrated Decision Support System Concept" followed by a hands on demo session to the attendees from SSM, Turkish Navy and the leading ship yards and companies of the sector.

Within the scope of "Integrated Platform Management and Bridge Systems on Naval Platforms", MİLGEM Integrated Bridge and New Type Patrol Boats' Machine Control Room Consoles had been presented. Following the presentation of the concept workout for integration of Combat Management System with that of an auxiliary systems in order to enhance the effectiveness of command and control functions of a naval platform, a presentation of Digital Bridge and Dynamic Positioning System (MOAC Console) capabilities had been introduced and gave a flavor of conning a ship on a simulated harbor environment to the participants.

The industry day, assessed fruitful by attendees, ended with a cocktail that provided a nice coordination venue between participants.

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