MILGEM Combat Management System (CMS)

MILGEM CMS contracts with HAVELSAN are effective as of November 2007 for the first ship and October 2010 for the second ship.

Turkish Naval Forces has initiated MILGEM Project by using maximal national opportunities and the project is technically leaded by Turkish Navy's MİLGEM Project Office. Within the scope of this project; YALTES takes place in the development activities regarding the below listed CMS hardware and the CMS software; that will run on these hardware, of the first corvette TCG Heybeliada and the second one TCG Buyukada.

As one of the major subcontractors of the project, YALTES is responsible for the design and production of the following systems:

  • * Operator Consoles (OPCON) and Tactical Consoles (TACON)
  • * Land Based Test System (LBTS) Units
  • * Inter Console Units (ICU)
  • * Commander Unit (COU)
  • * Combat System Video Network (CSVN)
  • * Subsystem Adaptation Units (SAU) and Components
  • * Subsystem Interface Unit Cabinets (SIUC)
  • * Adaptation / Correction / Development of the CMS Application Software and Simulators concerning sensor and weapon integration

Current Status of the Project: First and second ships are already commissioned. Design phase of third and forth ships is ongoing.

Project Manager: Ozan Yalçın