MILGEM Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)

YALTES has been awarded the contract by STM for the delivery of an extensive Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for the First of Class of the Turkish MILGEM Corvette Heybeliada. After delivery of the first system another contract for second ship BÜYÜKADA IPMS has been signed on 2010.

Besides advanced automation of the platform systems and the monitoring of the main propulsion system the IPMS also provides integration of the following systems:

  • * Power Management System
  • * Fire Detection System
  • * CCTV System
  • * On-Board Training System
  • * Fire Fighting & Damage Control System
  • * Stability Control System

In the scope of the project the major hardware units delivered by YALTES are:

  • * MCR Console
  • * Integrated Bridge Console
  • * Damage Control Consoles and Panels
  • * Local Processing Units
  • * I/O Extension Cabinets
  • * CCTV Management Cabinets
  • * Network Cabinet
  • * Fire Detection Panel

Current Status of the Project: First and second ships are already commissioned. Design phase of third and forth ships is ongoing.

Project Manager: Bülent Hamzaoğlu