Amphibious Ship (LST) Combat Management System Hardware and Software

Under the agreement signed with HAVELSAN in August 2013; Combat Management System located in Combat Operations Center and Joint Operations Centre will be developed by YALTES for two Amphibious Ships (LST), built by Anadolu Deniz İnşa Kızakları A.Ş. joint venture with Alyans. YALTES will also provide software engineering support for HAVELSAN's development activities of Combat Management System software.

Operator Console, standardized by YALTES and used in GENESIS, NTPB and MILGEM projects, will be used in the project.

In the scope of the project, the following key features will be produced.

  • * Operator Consoles (OPCON)
  • * Tactical Action Consoles (TACON)
  • * Inter Console Units(ICU)
  • * Combat System Video Network (CSVN)
  • * Combat System Data Network (CSDN)
  • * System Adaptation Units (SAU)
  • * System Integration Unit Cabins (SIUC)

Current Status of the Project:Acceptance test of the hardware for the first ship is ongoing.

Project Manager: Buğra Ünalmış


* Taken from ADIK official website.