Combat Decision Support Systems

Focusing on the naval platforms, YALTES has launched and currently working on an Integrated Combat Decision Support System solution which, in the context of Internal Warfare organization onboard the ship, will advice the command team with alternative courses of action, by providing the data exchange between Combat Management System and Integrated Platform Management System and by evaluating the functions based on variables such as the platform damage and combat system sufficiency.

Owing to this support, in the event of any possible damage to naval platform during combat, depending on the damage control status and degradation in combat systems, hence availability of the combat ready systems, the support system will provide alternative and likely courses of action to the command team depending on the Tactical Situation provided by the Combat Management System.

In the context of this study, also automated standard operation procedures (SOPs) for emergency situations, like "man overboard", "fire on board", "torpedo counter measures" and such, will also be provided.